Why Are Women “Afraid” Of Sex

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“I can’t understand women”

“Women are just too complicated”

You can hear men saying that all the time. Some men just give up and decide that they will never understand women.

I am going to reveal you a secret part of the female psychology. Once you figure out this secret, your success with women will rise dramatically.

The good news is that women are sexual creatures, and they were designed by nature to love and enjoy sex.

In fact, have you noticed that women scream, yell and make noises during sex, much more than men?

Biologically, a woman’s sex organs contain a larger number of neurons and are also more sensitive than a man’s organs.

So, you probably ask yourself – why do I need to chase and convince women to sleep with me? Isn’t it supposed to be the opposite?


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Women and  Sex

So we said that women enjoy sex. In fact – women enjoy sex at least as much as men do. And a woman’s orgasm is definitely far stronger.

However, do you know what is a woman’s strongest fear? (and how can you defeat this fear to make her chase you?)

She Can’t Be Cheap

If you watch any movie where women behave sexually, you will easily understand why women are so afraid when it comes to sex

How does any movie describe a girl who is liberal about her sexuality?

Well, yes – such a girl is seen as a slut!

And how is any girl who has sex with a guy on a first date presented? Again, cheap and slutty.

The media (and before that, it was a basic social rule) makes women believe that having sex is wrong.

Women believe that it’s very bad to have an image of a slut, of being cheap, etc.

On the other hand, for a man, having sex with many women, isn’t considered negative – sometimes it’s even the contrary.

Therefore, men everywhere face problems to get laid, because women hide and repress their sexual drive.

Your goal, as a man, is to make a girl forget all the negative things that got into her brain about sex, and make her fully express herself as a sexual erotic creature, full of passion.

Never Be Direct About Sex

As a man, you need to learn how to make things happen with a girl, but without making her feel like a slut.

Never be direct about your intentions with a woman. Never say or even suggest that you want to sleep with her. When you reveal this to a girl, you make her logical part of the brain function, telling her: “This guy is creepy and he only wants to fuck me”.

However, you can show a girl your sexual interest. Don’t do this with your words, but with your body language and tonality. For example, touching the girl and making her comfortable with touching you back, is a good step towards creating sexual tension.

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